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Great Print gets superb finish at b2b1

With a work mix that includes both commercial print and folding carton, Stockport’s b2b1 are capitalising on the versatility of their new Bobst diecutter.

When you’ve got a reputation for quality, every investment decision has to be made with that in mind. But keeping your customers happy means finding equipment which is incredibly versatile as well,” says Tony Coleshill, one of the two directors of UK-based b2b1 Print Solutions.

Die Cutting

Automatic Die Cutting Capacities
Material thickness100gsm to 5mm
Minimum sheet size450 x 370mm
Maximum sheet size750 x 1050mm
Full stripping facility also available
Hand-fed Die Cutting Capacities
Material thickness200um and corrugated up to Tri-wall
Minimum sheet sizeN/A
Maximum sheet size1220 x 1830mm


Automatic Laminating Capacities
Minimum sheet size500 x 500mm
Maximum sheet size1260 x 1260mm
Minimum top liner weight190gsm
Maximum top liner weight400gsm
Minimum back liner caliper size500um
Maximum back liner caliper size7mm


We have 2 machines for folding and glueing.
Sizes and specifics available on request.

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