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Showcard Strut Samples manufactured by b2b1

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Showcard Struts

b2b1 print + packaging are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and stockists of Showcard Struts.

Such items can be used as components, and being manufactured from paperboard may provide an interesting alternative to metal or plastic materials.

These die-cut shaped pieces of board are produced to meet individual customer requirements for functional purposes. The table below highlights some of the great packages we offer.

b2b1 Showcard Strut Packs

ColoursAvailable in white or grey
90mm500 Struts per Pack
140mm - 290mm250 Struts per Pack
340mm - 440mm100 Struts per Pack
Minimum order value applies. All prices on application.

Ordering Information

To place an order please email ara or call us on 0161 431 0213.

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